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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy Specialist Q&A

Our therapy specialists at Prosper Health & Rehab assist to relieve headaches, and back pain with cupping. To consult with our professionals, call us or visit us today to book an appointment. have convenient locations near you in Vancouver, BC and Surrey, BC.

Cupping Therapy Specialist Near Me in Vancouver, BC and Surrey, BC
Cupping Therapy Specialist Near Me in Vancouver, BC and Surrey, BC

Table of Contents:

What is cupping therapy? 
What are the different types of cupping?
What are the benefits of cupping therapy?
What can I expect during and after treatment?

What is cupping therapy? 

Cupping therapy can either be added to physiotherapy or can be completed on its own, as a massage itself. While traditional massage uses pressure on the muscles and connective tissue, cupping instead creates an expansion and space between the tissues to help promote healthy blood flow. The key to a fantastic cupping session is to use good quality cups, massage oil, and a good practitioner that knows what they are doing.

Often cupping therapy will be completed with the patient laying down on their stomach, the cups will be placed accordingly, depending on the targeted areas that are looking to be treated, as well as the plan the practitioner has to help treat the specific areas that the patient is needing work on.

Once the cup is placed, you will begin to feel the skin being pulled up into the cup, what is occurring in the tissues and muscles are being stretched and pulled up into the cup and are left to receive a beneficial effect or the practitioner will use the cups and move them around to help the muscles get a deeper stretch.

Cupping often helps patients who are dealing with muscle tension and pain within their backs, necks, shoulders, legs, and arms. Once the treatment is complete, many feel great relief, and they feel lighter than they did before their treatment.

What are the different types of cupping?

Three different methods can be used when it comes to cupping therapy, when choosing which type you want and what clinic offers it, you will need to understand why each cupping therapy is done:

1. Fire cupping

Fire cupping is the use of applying cups with the use of heat. This particular method uses a flame which is introduced to the space that is within the cup and consumes the oxygen. The cup is then quickly applied to the body using a vacuum-type seal due to the fire removing all of the oxygen from the cup.

2. Pump cups

Other glass cups will use pumps to remove all of the air out of the cup after it has been placed onto the skin. This is done to allow much more precise control over the amount of suction that is applied.

3. Rubber/Silicone Cups

Finally, the last type and the most often used for at-home use are the rubber/silicone cups. These cups are a much more modern-day version of the last two, with these you squeeze the cups to remove any air from the space within the cup and apply it to the skin. The advantage of this method is fully based on the flexibility of the edges, which allows the application cups to be applied to irregular and even bony areas of the body, which has been previously difficult.

What are the benefits of cupping therapy?

Cupping therapy provides a multitude of benefits with the use of the special cups, especially depending on the type of cup used. This alternative medicine can help with inflammation, pain, blood flow, relaxation, and overall well-being.

What can I expect during and after treatment?

All of our patients will be warmly welcomed, you will meet your practitioner that will be completing your cupping therapy. You will be shown to the room where the treatment will be commenced, and you will go over the areas where you need therapy. Make sure to inform your physiotherapist so they have a full understanding of what is bothering you. You will also be asked to disrobe depending on the areas you will be getting worked on, and lay down on your stomach.

We always encourage that you communicate and let us know your personal preferences, comfort levels, as well as any concerns you may have in regards to the treatment or anything else that is happening during the appointment.

Once the practitioner returns, the treatment will begin. Depending on the type of cups used, and the way the practitioner has been trained will depend on the type of cupping therapy that will be provided; however, the treatment will be beneficial and allow you to see tremendous relief and change.

If you are looking to up your massage therapy game with a more enhanced and advanced method to feel better, then look no further, you will love the cupping therapy offered at our clinic. To consult with our professionals, call us or visit us today to book an appointment. We are conveniently located at your nearest places in Vancouver, BC and Surrey, BC. We serve patients from Vancouver BC, Surrey BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, Langley BC, and Coquitlam BC.




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