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Graston Therapy

Graston Therapy Specialist Q&A

Graston therapy makes uses a manual technique with unique handheld instruments to help reduce pain and increase function. Prosper Health & Rehab provides Instrument-Assisted Soft-Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) or graston therapy for its patients. For more information, call us or book an appointment. We have convenient locations near you in Vancouver, BC and Surrey, BC.

Graston Therapy Specialist Near Me in Vancouver, BC, and Surrey, BC
Graston Therapy Specialist Near Me in Vancouver, BC, and Surrey, BC

Table of Contents:

What does Graston therapy do?
Is the Graston technique painful?
Does the Graston technique actually work?
How often should you take Graston therapy?

Graston Therapy makes use of a manual technique with unique handheld instruments with a specialized form of massage to identify areas, for instance, scar-like tissue or muscle adhesion.

What does Graston therapy do?

Graston therapy is a technique that uses manual therapy known as soft-tissue instrumented assisted mobilization. It is the top manual therapy approach that uses instruments as a specialized form of scraping and massaging the skin gently.

This particular therapy was designed to help the practitioner to identify areas of restriction and attempt to break up any scar tissue.

The main goals of Graston therapy are to reduce your pain and increase your function through the following combinations:

• Reducing any restrictions by stretching your connective tissues in the attempt to rearrange the structure of your soft tissue during treatment. (Including the tendons, ligaments, fascia, and muscles)
• Break down any scar tissue and fascia restrictions which are usually associated with a form of trauma that occurred to the soft tissue
• Promote a healthy healing environment for your injured soft tissue

Is the Graston technique painful?

Like most treatments that help you recover from a soft tissue injury, there will be some mild discomfort due to the instrument that is used to massage the area; however, the pain should not be intense. You may notice slight bruising after treatment, but it will go away within a week or so.

If compared to other treatments, it may feel similar to that of a deep tissue massage, which works into the soft tissues to apply pressure to get all of the knots, and pain out to allow you to feel relief and movement, as well as comfort once more.

Does the Graston technique actually work?

Most of your joints are comprised of ligaments, tendons, fascia, and muscles that connect together. The injuries that occur to your soft tissues will play a significant role in the pain and dysfunction that is associated with any back problems you are dealing with. While it may not sound serious, a simple muscle strain in the back of a torn ligament can cause excruciating pain and a lot of difficulties to move.

With the Graston technique, it offers many potential advantages to you if you are dealing with a back injury including:

• Decreasing overall treatment time needed
• Fostering a faster recovery or rehabilitation
• Reducing any need for anti-inflammatory medications
• Resolving chronic conditions which have been thought to be permanent in the past

The best part is the Graston technique can be used with other treatments as well. Furthermore, research has been conducted on the Graston technique and has shown relatively high success rates for patients who are dealing with acute and chronic pain due to soft tissue injuries, both in terms of the patient’s function improving and reducing any pain.

How often should you take Graston therapy?

For the Graston treatment to be seen as effective and help to relieve pain and help scar tissue, as well as all of the other benefits that are associated with Graston therapy, you will need to follow your technician’s recommendation, which usually suggests on average of 6-12 visits or more.

Each patient will need a different number of recommended visits depending on the injury that has occurred, the areas of the back that are in pain, as well as other health concerns that will be raised during your appointment.

Your specialist will also prescribe different exercises that will be applied at home and will be asked to be completed before and after each treatment session, this is recommended as it will promote healthy and normal alignment and repair of the soft tissues that are being treated. If you are looking for a therapy treatment to help with your pain, contact our clinic today to schedule an appointment for a Graston treatment with one of our specialists. Our specialists at Prosper Health are here to help you tackle your mental health issues. To consult our professionals, call us or book an online appointment. We have convenient locations to serve you. We serve patients from Vancouver BC, Surrey BC, Burnaby BC, Richmond BC, Langley BC, and Coquitlam BC.




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