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Meet Pawan Gupta

Meet Pawan Gupta at Prosper Health & Rehab in Surrey, BC

Pawan Gupta, an experienced Physiotherapist at the Surrey location believes that leading a well-balanced lifestyle is essential to achieving an optimal quality of life. Contact us or schedule an appointment online to learn more about his services at Prosper Health.

Meet Pawan Gupta at Prosper Health and Rehab in Surrey, BC
Meet Pawan Gupta at Prosper Health and Rehab in Surrey, BC

Pawan Gupta

Table of Contents:

What inspired you to become a Physiotherapist?
What education do you have?
What certifications do you have?
Do you have any areas of special interest? What are they?

What do you view as a key component to helping people feel better?
What activities/hobbies bring you joy in your leisure time?

What inspired Pawan Gupta to become a Physiotherapist?

Growing up seeing my elder brother studying in medical school created my interest in understanding the human body. At the same time, my keen interest in doing regular fitness exercises since childhood made me more curious to understand it more in-depth. I got inclined to Physiotherapy as a career after attending a career fair in high school and understanding how a Physiotherapist helps in injury prevention, Rehabilitation and achieving goal-oriented functional outcomes for the population of every age group.

What is the educational background of Paean Gupta?

Bachelor of Physiotherapy – Indraprastha University, New Delhi, India – 2011

What certifications does Pawan Gupta have?

Sports Taping, Myofascial release, and Cupping – New Delhi – 2012

What are the areas of special interest of Pawan Gupta?

Geriatrics, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Spinal cord Injury, Joint replacements, Motor Vehicle accidents (whiplash), Chronic lower back pain, Sciatica, fall prevention, Ergonomics, and sports injuries.

What does Pawan Gupta view as a key component to helping people feel better?

Active listening by Physiotherapist and SMART goal setting.

What activities/hobbies bring does Pawan Gupta enjoys in his leisure time?

Playing outdoor sports such as cricket and badminton. Watching movies, listening to podcasts, going to the gym, traveling, and spending time with my family.




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